Home Hobbies No More Mistakes! How To Not Choose The Wrong Rifle AR10 Or AR15?

No More Mistakes! How To Not Choose The Wrong Rifle AR10 Or AR15?

No More Mistakes! How To Not Choose The Wrong Rifle AR10 Or AR15?

The Armalite brand of rifles has garnered so many devout fans throughout their production cycle. Two top selections are the AR10 and 15. They are everyone’s favorite pair, whether hunters, sports shooters or collectors; something about this line of artillery intrigues them. For those who have doubts or cannot decide which of the two to buy; learn these fast facts and review the comparisons below to make the right choice.

What Makes The Difference?

Aesthetics, weight, price, reliability, feel, and accuracy are the obvious characteristics that set apart the AR10 from the AR15 model rifles. With these dynamics fueling indecisiveness, it typically comes down to what a handler prefers in a rifle; and how he or she intends to use it. Both arms have some similarities because they share the same predecessor, AR1, which is the first Armalite assault rifle prototype.

When put side by side, AR10s are about a pound heavier than AR15s. That makes it easier to carry an AR15 rifle for longer distances compared to a seven-pound AR10. With heavier rounds, AR10 rifles have more stopping power, where it incapacitates targets instantly. Being on the lighter side, AR15s have fairly average penetrating force. If choosing a rifle for large game hunting, the AR10 is a winner.

AR 10 rifles are also longer, measuring around 42 inches against the AR 15, which falls short by 3 inches. The 39-inch AR15 is ideal for tactical encounters and in-the-face combat. The AR10 version is a contrast, giving shooters maximum advantage to engage targets from a distance. You can find more information on: https://adventurefootstep.com/ar-10-vs-ar-15/

Which Rifle Is Quicker?

What is the velocity range for each rifle? Here, AR15s beat the AR10s with an impressive loading speed of around 3,150 fps. The AR10 still has a fair muzzle velocity range of approximately 2700 fps. The maximum clip capacity of an AR10 is 20, where the AR15 fits up to 30. In tactical situations, the AR15 model has an advantage over the AR10. With high-powered optics, the AR15 accomplishes up to 800 yards with maximum precision; meanwhile, an AR10 covers about a thousand yards. Which makes the right weapon to carry depends on the landscape and shooting distance.

Both Armalite rifles are high-quality artillery to own. So, picking one without first dissecting the qualities of each and weighing them against each other is risky. What is more, the AR15 is technically an upgrade of the earlier AR10. Although there is a slight difference in size, both gas-powered rifles are lightweight and versatile. The AR10 and 15 both have multiple configurations. Shooters decide which setting suits their expertise and the environment.


An ideal weapon for hunting large game, AR10s single-shot precision stopping power is an unmatched feature. With heavier bullets, the AR 15 still allows maximum maneuverability because of its lighter construction. As it pertains to tactical defense situations, hunting or target shooting scenarios, both the AR15 and AR10 make agreeable choices.